We are currently working to bring an advanced energy-production technology to Indiana that will use a Nobel-Prizing-winning process to convert coal into clean diesel fuel, Naptha used in the production of plastics and gasoline, and other valuable fuels.

This process, known as direct-coal hydrogenation, is completely compliant with all state and federal regulations, and is an environmentally friendly process that does not burn or gasify coal. Nor does it leave any byproducts to ship to a landfill – and no disposal of ash or any waste is needed.

The project will establish the first plant of its kind in the United States, using an anticipated 1.6 million tons of coal feedstock to produce 4.8 million barrels of clean diesel fuel annually. The plant will also anticipated to produce 2.5 million barrels of Naphtha each year.

The plant is a $2.5 billion investment in Indiana and U.S. energy independence.

More than 2,000 construction jobs are needed to build the plant, which will benefit local businesses, including contractors, restaurants, and lodging in Spencer County and the surrounding area.

In all, the plant is anticipated to generate 225 permanent high-skilled, good-paying jobs with competitive benefits to operate the facility. We plan to recruit and hire locally the best and brightest employees directly from the surrounding regional community.

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